I want to personally thank you for your prayers for Lon Solomon Ministries. By His grace, God is choosing to bless our ministry and "expand its coast" as Jabez prayed. We have the chance to go daily M-F on Moody Network, so please pray for the Lord to open this door for hundreds of new stations across America and the world for us. 

Also thank you to the many who have been financially supporting LSM.

A little while ago, we received a donation of $7.00--a five dollar bill and two one dollar bills in the envelope. There was a note that said "I am on Social Security and I am not sure I can send this much money to you every month, but I will try." 

I was so humbled that I began to weep. I felt like I was holding in my hand the modern widow's two mites. I felt so unworthy of this woman's depth of sacrificial giving. And we receive so many of these ten and twenty dollar gifts--and I treasure every one of them! 

And as I held these seven dollars, I was so happy that I (nor any member of my family) accept a single nickel from the income to LSM. All of the money that God sends to us goes to purchasing airtime and managing the ministry. Were it different, I would have been so ashamed to have read that widow's note that I don't even know what I would have done!

Please continue to pray for God to continue to expand the ministry of His Word through me through LSM. We are on over 650 radio stations around the USA now with more opportunities opening up all the time. 

My biography is completed and ready to publish as well as my first new book based on the series, People Jesus Met. We have a couple of small items to tend to, and then we hope to get these into print as soon as possible, so please pray for these items to be resolved and for a willing publisher. Please pray for my life in print to serve as a means of thousands of people coming to Christ.

May the Lord bless you all.