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Lon Live!

Mar 13, 2020    Lon Solomon

Due to the coronavirus situation, I expect that we will soon see churches across the US begin to call off their Sunday services to comply with social distancing. Many of these churches across the US do not have online or other social media capabilities, especially in smaller communities. Because of this, I have decided to begin offering a live-preaching option each week called "Live with Lon." I'll be preaching a live sermon from the Bible like I always have which also has (as always) a SO WHAT? that addresses the current issues of our lives. This "Live with Lon" sermon will enable people to go to church from their homes whenever it's convenient for them. "Live with Lon" sermons will be available on our Lon Solomon Ministries website (, as well as on Facebook, LSM app, and all other LSM social media platforms. There will be a new, fresh, live-preached sermon by me posted every Sunday for that coming week. And since these media platforms are available worldwide, I am hoping that people in Italy, Israel, and other places where Sunday church gatherings are not possible at this time will avail themselves of "Live with Lon" as well. Please pray with me that word will spread far and wide about this option, and that people across the US will be able to access solid, practical, and current teaching of God's Word even though attending a live church service may, for any number of reasons, be impractical for them at this time. Lord willing, we begin this coming weekend, Sunday March 15, 2020. My sermon title is "How to Deal with a Pandemic." Thanks again for your prayers on this. God bless, Lon Solomon